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team's early season dominance for our drivers boston federal finishing third to round out the podium the one pushes both toss just ahead of allison to first in the overall stack it's. up next here on g.w. we have documentary film a story of south africa focusing on one woman who's making her own way despite facing considerable difficulties i'm dr thomas for the entire news team thanks for being with us. first day in school. or first coming listen. doors grand the moment arrives. joining a regular chain on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary tour
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of an orangutan returns home on the d w don't come to tanks. may i miss it yeah it's off i think it is each. night. this is over the moon and then i am in thinking that me and lena. is emily next when i will number. three of them. in some. way we're going to be taking practice you know. stuff super fast. as opposed to. trying to talk. to the eighteen thousand on their students only student and c.n.n. to involved here. you know because if the question.
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thanks. to such folk gets to paris remember they want to know they want to take this to be an infantryman and in our kind of a space that's ridiculous and i'm trying to go through they want to bid and all they want to learn now i mean how long do you need to feel the ending i think that's when we'll contradict that. they did mean needs for good meaning because now when they say that they are trying to pick a song and that's why they should have a break i'm asking you to make a judgment because you're the leader and you need to to show good lead to share and you need to talk back so i personally think i should break but that's my feeling so maybe i could have a break to a different from playing on that ok thank you. jon did appear on a certain amount of time to show organize your life trying to feature make a better good decision.
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to. cut cut. cut cut loose to deliver the goods it was to. get. her. to. do such a loser to. five
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to ten days goats or five man i didn't even eat dinner then i didn't being off myself to it they would do this that's one thing if these new kids position the truth to lead into could cause. and then i ask myself betsy what did they see to me to point me to in the then maybe there is something that these three that i didn't. really really really. good morning or the like that women are getting we going to continue exploring who we are as leaders and look more deeply at what all the qualities of a leader. if a leader governs with vision then people will not go wrong. so in her wisdom she
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restrained herself by not dominating the organization. by keeping herself healthy and fit all day any words that we would like to see gerri's you can shoot on. ambition do we know what that means. but it looks like. they're cut up as far as. an ambition is we need to do something with more oneself. ok and bishan is to work with a huge goal for oneself is that is that interest in the environment we can be respected and supported you actually do have what it takes to be leaders to be leaders in your families to be leaders in your unit at copa nunn
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and to be leaders in court and not. going back to the. cinco de. sade is anything but the only answer in the school where you must take him into a room that. you mention twice cut once. he will. do that and then manages on the show going to a museum in t.x. like sack. of.
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system. first. two numbers you can see from. feet. three. feet feel. about. six feet to give you a treat here today because they've been here to use the transform. nearly didn't came to school this force is for the peace movement needs to return to them on twelve. so. we stepped up to where we are coming
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game. in a masterpiece to paint a feast. there . that. will be out my for every man here who was really a good thing you. know you're going to see where i've. never got it. if. i feel if maybe he's cranky time big storm did in telling c.c.'s fall how stupid he e.c.c. that's wasting human what is that what do you play just. because we are neutrally
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him every. where we fight the. business side out wolf can you get paid today and then you used to drink then man you sometimes in the. we end up in you know it's his you can sleep in the house. is that since i used it as basic things interest people say but he is drinking too much too much if you eat terms they take in hundreds in a week it's on two plates. after sometimes find that he comes clean in take kind of. it around you name. it. i don't think.
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it's our carry it's are hanging out the same as it's maybe. some artist. that has been crossed. that this is going to be aired to death because in one i'm afraid of him marx was this comes in. with the story labeling her slit and then it's not a line because you understand that it's. very important that we get some feedback some of them decide how to improve this if there's interest. no. comment. in this session made i think that we must become part of their personal vision i mean all these big fish. and then once is your vision.
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is that first born children need it. cumbersome and music in the finish is going to must i. am not the most to begin but my mind and my visions in no way a man yes i know you to come down but to. me it can use you know these are not defined by decide not to think them when they don't matter you thank you for having the sun hutcheon free to visit us put it to me and good. young at the end it's an advantage he. got jumpy. i must jump in to see why i think back to mr old man trying to fit useless stuff with that's too cool i guess that's not an awful. lot of money to you or me. to spend the damned yapping began to tear him down would be kind enough. to steal from. you now but i'm going to
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get. him back yeah i'm not. ready for a place let's treat you. mean you. owe two points which i'm a fit taste to push if you take the issues with point is we need to be a speech. oh . oh. oh. cool. if. they know if things just being beat to move. in now to
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be some with teams from wolf each. i tell you do see that's how i feel but even with other people he did his thing that is fiercely smoking something something. take don't know. she is here to. buy t. he is not at this point. our thing is he in the house because they need to buy this. all displayed and to use it all of. this baby mixed chemicals with their it takes is poised to go that way it's. clear that. the you. know the was a little under that you asked.
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him that he wanted the normal boom to. completely lose but there was an. ongoing to there are these food to do to say this it is a rule. in and i do. to protect the project that you do both in the opus foodstuff of project because you are scared to say stomach that you are wrong here. you see no dispute or noticed because when you look at who's this oh this is a good. guy he's just bahrain in the wrong room wrong because it doesn't need probably as you would i didn't get a point on the order but then i didn't change who should get angry it was tied to mean yeah i want to see scenes symbolical i want to bang that my lobes must rely on
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your pressure i would so for the. well a precious little business on wikipedia you must stop it. it's not just that she comes from outside you know most especially. if everyone knows that she is dealing with white pissing in needs it's a growing thing some is black people we destroy things. sometimes when we last yeah with just three games to see if i can be appointed to be in the state project some of the people would not like kids some of the people we have to we're going to take the happy explain leave because. i'm the one who's leading the project. was. pete was.
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we ready for the bank yes i have one paper as everything is going to get your ideas to charity yes that's what any minute it's going to commute search for it's of tony and his sister to believe when we go to the bank we always need our id i didn't you know or go to a college we introduced you to isn't here because it was spoken. just hasn't lost on did you could you have your id the last time now you didn't and you knew we were going to the bank. so what what do we need today in terms of and i can show them where the strong leads us off companies so what's going to change.
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that i. would like most now know much more than the next one hundred thousand shares and i usually longer like a hundred i think it is good for muslims little use i'll have one the nucleus is not as are these you know this was done in this is not the time to do that you leave it out that he had easy of this field and live. through the law gives you some of the money they might not you will terminate your d.n.a. it's not going to look easy in gaza anything moxon was what made it work on my mind he thought of you and god knows what he's got into our eyes you're getting charged are not for there's nothing there's nothing.
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please please please please. please. our sister she learned the post wasn't monday i said to the name and i explained to him that we had evaluations and was in their challenges and pedals and it'll be the three days event is something that you need to crawl around in the wind called names what actions are you going to push in in place to help you make those
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challenges sometimes i write even into bed my head maybe it would need to find beds maybe i could preach in the nights when i want this thing i'm not that great and i don't know what the. that is my problem sometimes when you tell me something now i read it but i don't know where they teach that says the blue so how can you make that better if this is special i must speak to like speak on the inside or enjoy a seat and we know that you can do it at least all that we're all on the learning curve kind of nervously strips gently and i will be going to australia. and it. will be going to the school it's been sponsoring most and we will do a presentation to the film does. and you can talk from a personal point of view. that.
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we'll. let. them hear. more you. know fluid flow to use this confusing thing i think. it's absolutely denham if you steal one niggas that you fool if only an us against a major decision let's and then we easily form the most feasible that's how you imagine israeli attack in madison kayak imagine if i tried to imagine but. true so. millions are going to buy a whole new people. the money this was i but yeah that in my mind you have to know i'm done and munching some airlines are doing enough they'll be mocking me john was
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our enemy here johnson and now i'm from the national guard target and found to need uncle who's this it was a good room full of angina my mom had a part of engine out. all dolled up i was going to say and i'm sorry for the want to not being hit more than dollar nice kid a little bit more for me know if it would be. good for. nothing. to do nothing. certainly seven of the stupid years and then now she's moved it into more. show you positive real suspension is in is it on this list no it's not reduce these to the
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same another list is that involve you really make it a place to live for eads or newly retired i ask you why it was left so late that we chase in the us. again we're going through such chaos we still are not pushing our people to finish jobs on time which is the leadership role. i tried so hard that we don't end up in this kind of only end every time this is.
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to. stop in fact even after i am president and missing she there was nothing oh i didn't have. so cal fire or if it's response to police you're just pissed on and becoming our plan for the next one i says have a conference on the top and see. if it lets us
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spank. so rim's you got to have you on the seventeenth floor simon said to him yeah. listen as his round on the left hand side practices are going twenty six thirty. and temporary any point you mom of three rejection from six women to market. with your money on the proceeds to produce from. him ever more of this was.
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the training thing you. want to know yeah i know you we're right. here do you live in the integration of wands yeah suspension i'm using sarcasm and you've been and the. inspector you say has our troops who are here. to feel safe it's not. much safer it's not seventy one not coming outside at night . especially in down someone who we keep seeing the retreat in the tiny bit i would say that night through that night police who walks by. complain about something they think is fake snow says in some just any time soon
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when we asked them something all we had spending our time in the slums in for. this day and think now will its power and is that we need. because the time and then that was that was needed to make him here he's saying to give us. the how's the act now we met him. in the township at the minute i suppose he is suddenly doing things on say fixing things that that needs now there are shops in their cities facing the second money. could you can i dream up the possibility that one of the women of compensation you could stand for the side the local municipal cop and not. just. you need see. why.
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you need another table i think the way i was up you know i want to be with you give us another one sorry we have another table we have it all i'm just i'm still set up to find out tami sweeney. ok nicole calling us. who says push. for a future. partner. for her home this is. our home the palms are forest. and there are few structures. that emerge from the person who comes to beach parks three now we have to. work every few trying.
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to get. into this and if you one instance finish can take you out so that when these are not so and instead. it's on this it's the left sixth. i want to take a disclaimer. here. why. would you. want to write a. business name something in my home. when you kidding me are you referring to this.
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kind of phone screen oh exchange thoughts i'm struggling i know i have this feeling very nice fish oh i love the shoulder and i could hear all strings that are not going come on. you try. it on i think you need. the sun that's what it's like if a spy cam snuck in on the next morning at the same. time talking think of him something struck him and you can just leave it on your black. keeps. you going. to. run.
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on its. hands to do. anything. else that well will fall. well. you know well. you can go to just. telling us. something even when the. house. not how you want to come up. again and go into the you mean that these pushed me i do want to push i'm going to see there's. even sixteen. it's going to go to me it has jail i'm going to go so there's going to be.
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in this resort and with my good. man now you imagine. members who would humbly state the left beginning. to tell me who called me which is the connection with the sunday night football and those crazy legs feel numb my thing is when you go. it was a lot of them then i mean module loss you walk up to two feet you. don't think you didn't get nailed. on the home run. off. with me not knowing when to and how i'm going to spank be tough you know yet i think he may be. the only you know i think maybe a few bush understand these should. move up and do the whole bill one person didn't want to continue and i mean people have been banging on the bottom of the what five
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of you. think. you know mason dunn can change through the change that's. a lot of balls for him to use drug building if he's just. ok are poignant. enough to sound familiar. so i'm very concerned only. to ask you please. thank. you. would you tell me the time to meet with unit manager sununu meetings over these last five weeks in a way. we didn't have a good and litigious lutein we could the general unity which was held on in the
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states and. if anyone twice held on the eighteenth of february and we think it's enough that if you think this has some reason why you didn't have it usually you next month you might have just meeting hundred unit managers first. it's not every month yes it is supposed to be every month and. yes it is supposed to be every man. but then i don't have any excuse for trading fed. we work with pieces is the same as though there was so much to do over the weekend no focus on those cold we didn't learn to disappoint you it's lessons we wanted to do it's right on the other hand you didn't want to disappoint me this project is not about me it's about you fulfilling your function tests and manages the support
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of a small population and says to shave off this if you know clear we need to discuss it i don't want to be here and if i don't duly so. gene you can do you know. i mean it's a not productive. i'm going to assume that we have the commitment to say between fifteen of the hundred syrians working to make here and there in a positive way. i believe believe the cogon can. get such and such a good. balance first that it. takes a big to pay it off. balance. balance literally takes hold slowly to the club's. history next.
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week don't tell me you call it a cold release and the local police service looks like two legs which are in great . spot to cold. and let them. take all petrol petrol they told but. did you see now till you can do is a. copy. it's just. we'll put studio studio. t. sity script strategy we've been challenging the him and you had any instances in this we were able to effect it my son was who. no consult didn't. is a part of the look you did i'll east in a century when you know what stops to check. any does me ma what is it stanched
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to me yes mum every time you come home you come with a new will direct light up here and you don't know what i never knew i was in the art on learning and i'm teaching you. the kids you know we at the university in the township on. the off and the roof of your rippling it out to families rippling it out to you organizations that you belong to and you are playing it out to the community so you are changing the face of south african society. now i want us to do it open down what is your vision so we don't we are going to make it big because this is not blue sky thinking. and too open and you can say it's one to two billion a. day on the world the drugs in the right yet they're using drugs and i
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tell you center to reach his drug addiction is. to. snuff a. lot of the. big guns that.
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we knew more about the. all the education we're setting out is precisely to pull in the leadership and. much more responsibility for the whole so that it's not some heavily dependent on two people so it's a big increase but the focus is yours on children ok if you don't need to really look at salem did his job description anyway because he has enough enormous skills in translation and in my to function i have continual disappointments. so you think she herself is that militant that finances interfere and if you can see that now it's big here it's big story but it's nothing changes in the
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usual. competencies that need to shift and so there is a real acceptance of responsibility in the talks so i believe that we need to perform a crisis which i think is the only way because it is going to be only. for . the feel of yellowfin the other day in the office that we all. share
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whatever they may feel if. he. says that well that's it will you know it will be in there maybe i'm looking for those up because i haven't found a mother. big media must have been keeping up an issue here when we none of us knew . about the thing we're debating is the outrage is that over windsor. and the i will vote. to go through the last to me. is coming in zero nine and then there's the special moment. that's this really getting badly they way better internal coup and more war now or moderates now they're out in power i mean cornell. one great
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guy. who had his vehicle to widen for the really tall poor poor poor poor what do you want to do you should some understanding. or you know what you mean in the world war two monument and i want to know my thoughts your opinion doesn't seem a huge measuring. the bins in the sand now move on them on a military matter that's. evident with millions he. believes she didn't and then. he will kill them i mean the internet in there. that's a little bit normal problems are going cuckoo time cause i don't know about them but that's. when i want my math problems out. of my misspent. always the bill of one hundred billion dollars of business what about memory problems and do you have
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a donor and you probably know my misspeak. just about to mention him to know him now and have an inkling of animal cooking and somehow in some of his fake. out of going up to the.
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plane. a ghost town like no other turn opal thirty years after the nuclear disaster usually desert but not always. tourists sometimes visit looking for that ultimate chicken adventure come what may. be good to us such
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a special interest should. holiday in church. i know for thirty minutes on d w. a little while becoming a city of an ascension is a mega. odd. numbers of people living in cities homeless soaring hundred challenges i'll grow into how do you plan to make a long list. what the future transportation concepts be like is affordable living space for everyone on a table. what secrets lie behind these moments. find out in an immersive experience
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and explore fascinating blued cultural heritage sites. w world heritage three sixty the good. luck. this is news live from spain socialists when the country's general election but faced some tough choices for prime minister pedro sanchez his party falls short of a majority that leaves difficult coalition talks are have been walked the far right will enter parliament for the first time in decades we'll get the latest from madrid. rains and flooding struck mozambique just days after cycle in kenya as the
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flood waters claimed more lives many areas are cut off from rescue workers. plus the heavy day.


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